ACE in the News

ACE expands board size of the KISS-102

  ACE KISS-102 offers new expanded board size and soldering area.
  Sep 10, 2013 | Read more

ACE announces selective soldering workshops

  ACE announces October 1-2 and 29-30 selective soldering workshops.
  Sep 3, 2013 | Read more

ACE's new Internal Sales Manager

  ACE promotes Carrie Goodell to Internal Sales Manager.
  Aug 27, 2013 | Read more

ACE debuts new system

  ACE debuts new in-line selective fluxing and preheating system.
  Aug 20, 2013 | Read more

ACE increases flexibility and efficiency

  ACE dual solder nozzle option increases flexibility and efficiency.
  Aug 13, 2013 | Read more

ACE opens Midwest demo facility

  ACE opens Midwest demo facility to accommodate growth.
  Aug 6, 2013 | Read more

ACE new selective soldering system

  ACE offers new large board selective soldering system.
  Jul 30, 2013 | Read more