ACE unveils innovative flux verification system

February 24, 2015

ACE Production Technologies announces that it will unveil its groundbreaking in-process flux verification and calibration system at the IPC APEX Expo, scheduled to take place February 24-26, 2015 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California. The ACE in-process flux verification and calibration system verifies that a drop-jet dispenser is distributing liquid flux properly and can detect flux droplets as small as 60 nanoliters. With the invention of this revolutionary in-process flux verification and calibration system, ACE has once again proven its technological leadership in the field of selective soldering know-how. “Drop-jet dispensing is a proven methodology for no-clean processing however flux solvents can evaporate over time or impurities within liquid flux can cause a drop-jet dispenser to either clog or dispense flux off center,” said Alan Cable President of ACE Production Technologies. “The amount of flux dispensed by a drop-jet is so minuscule and extremely critical to the quality of the selective soldering process and typically cannot be seen especially in a lights-out operation that automatic flux verification is essential.” Cable added, “With the development of this patent applied for invention, ACE has created the remedy for this industry wide problem.” A considerable advantage of the ACE drop-jet flux dispenser is that it features rugged yet simple construction that outperforms all other applicators on the market today by handling a wide range of flux chemistries including low pH fluxes down to 2.0 as well as fluxes with solids content as high as 33%. ACE is able to provide this unique drop-jet flux dispenser since all engineering, design and fabrication is under the direct control of ACE as opposed to simply being a purchased off-the-shelf item. Unlike competitive drop-jet spray fluxers, the ACE drop-jet dispenser is compatible with most known flux chemistries including alcohol-based fluxes, water- soluble fluxes and rosin-based fluxes.

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