ACE expands machine lineup

July 15, 2015

ACE Production Technologies is pleased to announce that due to popular demand it is expanding its lineup of dual pot in-line selective soldering systems that substantially increases the throughput of the selective soldering process.

The new KISS-102ILDP dual pot in-line selective soldering system significantly reduces the overall process time by concurrently soldering two different printed circuit boards utilizing two separate solder pots, each equipped with their own independent X-Y-Z axis positioning system. The KISS-102ILDP is a fully-configured SMEMA compatible selective soldering platform equipped with “Super Quick” processing speeds and is capable of soldering printed circuit boards up to 16” x 16” (406mm x 406mm). Additionally the KISS-102ILDP can be configured together with the ACE in-line fluxer and preheating unit to further increase the overall throughput of the entire soldering process.

The dual pot machine architecture of the new KISS-102ILDP allows both tin-lead and lead-free solder pots to reside within the same machine so each can be used as required via process control and interlocked to safeguard against intermixing of solder alloys. Both solder pots can be equipped with a dual solder nozzle pump assembly that will allow for four (4) different solder nozzle shapes within one machine platform for greater flexibility and processing efficiency. The ACE in-line fluxer and preheating unit is an intelligent dual purpose system that significantly reduces the process time by concurrently applying flux to the specific components to be soldered, then preheating the board in preparation for soldering while the board previously fluxed is being soldered by the KISS-102ILDP selective soldering system. A wide range of various flux types can be applied with either an atomizing flux applicator for rapid application or a precision drop-jet applicator for no-clean processing.

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