ACE workshops a success

October 15, 2013

ACE Production Technologies announces that its ongoing series of 2-day selective soldering workshops have been a tremendous success.

Eight workshops have been completed thus far and ACE plans to continue its highly successful series of selective soldering workshops including an introductory selective soldering workshop as well as an advanced selective soldering workshop. With more than 100 companies attending past workshops, ACE Production Technologies has become the established go-to leader for educational training on the subject of selective soldering.

These workshops feature a combination of classroom and hands-on curriculum that significantly compresses the learning curve for those new to the selective soldering process or those who wish to advance their in-depth knowledge. The classroom portion of the introductory workshop is conducted by well-known process expert Bob Klenke of ITM Consulting while the hands-on portion is taught by the engineering staff in the ACE application lab. Renowned fabrication expert Stan Bentley of DIVSYS International instructs the classroom portion of the advanced workshop with the hands-on segments taught by the ACE application staff.

Testimonials from some attendees of recent workshops:
“The workshop highlighted some of the areas we need to improve upon as a company. We learned a lot of new things about programming and a lot about fluxing. I feel a little disappointed we didn’t bring more of our team along.”

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