Machine Features


Topside Preheat

The KPHOB is located within the KISS machine enclosure directly over the located PCB. The heating cycle is initiated under program control. The board reaches a preset temperature and the selective soldering cycle begins. During the selective soldering process the heaters oscillate to maintain the topside board temperature at the set level.

  • Real time topside preheating during the soldering process
  • Individual IR zones that can be activated separately
  • Operates by “ramp to temperature” and hold at set point
  • Real time optical pyrometer control
  • Zones and temperatures are saved per program
  • Available on select KISS selective soldering machines.

Drop-jet Flux Applicators

Precision Drop-Jet

The KFS-DJ drop-jet spray head is designed to control and dispense a single drop of fluid or a continuous pattern less than 2mm wide ideal for single terminations close to SMT components. The continuous deposition is perfect for header or connector pins. The SWAK-OS integrated with the fluxer electronic control module provides the necessary on/off and drop frequency control of the drop-jet spray head. The KFS-DJ drop-jet spray head can be integrated side by side with the standard KISS atomizing spray head for dual technology capability often needed where both mass and delicate selective soldering processes are required.

  • Provides precise on demand application of flux to target with virtually no overspray
  • Promotes a true no-clean process as the flux can be mitigated by the solder wave with no residue
  • Ideal for micro deposition to the smallest solder sites
  • Fully maintainable and serviceable
  • Compatible with all known flux chemistries
  • Works with up to 33% solids content and PH as low as 2.0
  • Modular design allows for servicing without tools

Drop-Jet Flux Verification

Drop-jet Verification System

The KFS-DJ drop-jet flux applicator is designed to control and dispense minimal amounts of fluid for single terminations close to SMT components or a continuous pattern less than 2mm wide. The SWAK-OS integrated with the fluxer electronic control module provides the necessary on/off and drop frequency control of the drop-jet flux applicator.

The KFDJ-VER is a closed loop system designed to verify the presence and the accuracy of the flux applied. The KFDJ-VER technology is built around precision fiber optics and control circuit which validates the flux sphere as it passes by the optics. But first the accuracy of the deposition is deter-mined by passing the flux through an aperture or “target” prior to the optics. The target opening is just large enough to allow a sphere to pass through the target undeterred thereby assuring accuracy of the “aim”. The flux is collected in an absorbent pad which is changed periodically. The combined knowledge of accuracy and flux presence allows far better process control.

Wave Soldering

Wave Nozzle Pump

This wide wave nozzle provides the process capability to use your KISS Selective Soldering Machine as a standard wave soldering machine. This is especially useful during the transition from lead to the lead-free alloys. You can use the W-75mm nozzle/pump assembly as an inexpensive alternative to upgrading an existing wave soldering machine with a lead-free solder pot or purchasing a new wave soldering machine This nozzle/pump assembly is available for lead (stainless steel construction) or lead-free alloys (titanium construction) and fits into the existing KISS single nozzle solder pots.

  • Provides a wide continues application of molten solder with up to 6mm of free standing depth
  • Nitrogen inerted on both sides of the wave
  • Can be used in either direction (left to right or right to left)
  • Control the travel speed (time/temp profile) unique to a given board, or vary it where additional soak time is required
  • Interchanges with the standard KISS pump assembly with a change over time less than five minutes
  • Creates topside solder fillets to EIA and SMTA standards
  • Available for lead-free alloy, titanium construction
  • View Datasheet

Dual Nozzle Pumps

Dual Solder Nozzle Pumps

The dual nozzle feature brings significantly greater flexibility and efficiency to the selective soldering process. The dual nozzle feature allows two differently sized nozzles to operate in tandem, each one individually programmable, to handle a wide range of component types and sizes on an individual PCB assembly during the selective soldering process.

The dual nozzle system uses all of the standard KISS Bullet and Wave nozzles that can be exchanged in seconds. Larger Dynamic Wave, Flat Surface Wave and special purpose Mass Dip nozzles for soldering multiple components in one vertical dip are available.Each nozzle is independent and powered by it’s own programmable pump. This feature allows for the solder volume and wave height to be set specific to the nozzle used and your process.

Individually programmable dual nozzles speed up the selective soldering process, cut down on handling, thermal cycling, and boosts efficiency.

Solder Pot Exchange

Solder Pot Service Cart

The KSP-SC is a portable service cart used when servicing or exchanging the solder pot on the KISS-102, 102IL, 103, 103IL, or 105IL Selective Soldering machines. The KSP-SC features a dual carrying capability of a lead alloy and a lead-free alloy solder pot, allowing for a rapid exchange from one pot to the other. A control circuit built into the KSP-SC will raise and maintain the waiting solder pot to slightly below the molten point of the alloy. The solder pots are exchanged while hot (but not molten) to minimize machine down time. The actual exchange time is approximately ten minutes.

The KSP-SC joins to the KISS machine through an access door and onto two stout location pins. The solder pot is automatically positioned in the correct XYZ position by a programmed sub routine. The operator moves the slide table in contact with the solder pot and toggles the clamp lever, locking the solder pot to the slide table. The operator disconnects the solder pot and slides the solder pot out of the KISS machine.

Pump Maintenance

KISS Pump Maintenance Kit

The KPMK-SS is a fully loaded pump maintenance kit. This kit will save you time and money. For less than the cost of two pump repairs you can have all the tools and hardware you need to do the repairs on site. There is enough hardware to disassemble and reassemble your pump up to four times. These kits also include all the necessary tools to do the repairs. Some equipment will be needed that is not included in the kit, such as an arbor press, cordless drill, and for a more precise reaming of the bronze bushing a small bench top drill press is an excellent tool to have on hand. This kit also includes a full set of instructions for replacing the graphite sleeve and bronze bushing.

PCB Warp Compensation

KISS Board Warp Compensation System

Boards that are populated with heavy components or routed and scored panels tend to “belly warp” towards the unsupported center (in the “Y” direction). This is further intensified by the use of the preheater.

During production the nozzle will incrementally reduce in Z height as it nears the lowest part of the board. As the nozzle moves away from lowest part of the board, the Z value continues to adjust proportionally towards “0” in reference to the “Board Warpage Amount”.